Mug Club & New Year Launch Party 2022

New Year’s Day was a record sales day for us here at Double Horn Brewing Company! Mug Club memberships went on sale, we released a limited-edition mystery beer, and we celebrated with live music on our side patio!

We kicked off January 1st by selling the #1 Mug Club Membership to Clyde Dockter at exactly 11:00 am. Right when doors open! By 11:01 am we had already sold Mug Club numbers #1-#5. As I’m writing this on the 5th of January, we are now SOLD OUT of all 125 memberships. Definitely one for the record books!

Our Brewmaster Logan and Assistant Brewer Trenton, released a brand new, limited edition, mystery beer! Trenton named it The Fluffer Nut Stout. Reminiscent of the days when kids used to eat a fluffernutter sandwich1. When your nose hits the glass you’ll notice the strong scent of marshmallow followed by chocolatey stout. Proceeding with the first taste, peanut butter smacks your tongue quickly, then softens as it melds with the marshmallow and chocolate flavors for a smooth finish.

By the time 2 pm rolled around, our newest friend, Brandon Alan was on stage wooing the crowd. Families, friends, regulars, newcomers, and wanderers welcome. Brandon went on to sing a few covers by various artists while mixing in his original songs. Alan sang his newest single, “I’m Going” which is just one of his several Top 40 Texas Radio songs! Check out the quick clips of Brandon performing his song “The Other Side” during our live stream on Facebook below.

1 A fluffernutter consisted of 1-2 slices of white bread, slathered with half peanut butter and half marshmallow fluff.