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5.0% ABV | 30 IBU


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5.2% ABV | 10 IBU

Our take on the wheat beer from Bavaria, Germany. Hefeweizen is a traditional wheat beer with specific yeast giving the beer a cloudy straw like color. The taste of this beer provides a banana like taste with undertones of clove and an almost vanilla or bubblegum undertone.

The yeast is rather heavy giving you a full-bodied brew and should have a rather high carbonation caps this beer with a unique effervescence.

A blue check mark authentic Hefe.

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5.7% ABV | 35 IBU


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5.8% ABV | 10 IBU

If you’re reading this, it’s watermelon season! This light ale is packed with the biggest darn watermelons we can find. With all the characteristics of your favorite light brew, wonderful wheat, watermelon purée and ... hops. The light pink shimmer mixed with a golden luster makes this an elegant beer. This shockingly refreshing summertime brew is a cherished addition to our lineup. (Spice it up and try the hot melon: Our Electric Watermelon spiced up with Habanero extracts gives our summertime favorite a punch of heat.)

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8.3% ABV | 70 IBU


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lake water ipa

7.8% ABV | 65 IBU

A New England inspired IPA, this beer is loaded with tropical and fruity flavors. A mix of 2-row, Vienna malt and oats send this brew to the next level.

Double dry-hopped with massive amounts of Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic hops give this ale a bright and juicy experience without the harsh bitterness. It’s time to head to the lake.

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1855 pale ale

5.5% ABV | 40 IBU

An assertive American-style Pale Ale in which mild caramel notes showcase the citrusy character of the iconic hop varieties of the Pacific Northwest. Dry-hopped late in the fermentation process gives this beer a deep golden shine and a medium to medium-high hop bitterness, flavor, and aroma.

This is the beer that started it all, 1855 from the town of Double Horn Texas. You’re welcome.

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howling moose esb

5.2% ABV | 30 IBU

This ESB (Extra Special Bitter) is a distinct mildly hazy, orange copper colored beer with a creamy head. This style is often described as the original pale ale.

Originating in England, a union of English hops, Golden toasted malt and English yeast produces a slightly bitter yet caramel sweetness with subtle fruity notes and earthy flavor.

Our ESB is light in alcohol, making it an easy drinker and favorite amongst the Double Horn community.

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5.9% ABV | 40 IBU


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amber-headed stepchild

5.4% ABV | 35 IBU

 With true American origins, our stepchild has a rusty copper color and a pleasant taste allowing you to take the next step in craft beer. A caramel flavor produced by the medium crystal malts cuts the bitterness of hops leaving a medium-body taste with notes of toffee.

With medium ABV and being lighter in bitterness than our pale ale, it reveals a civilized characteristic leaving you refreshed and wanting more.

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5.5% ABV | 40 IBU

A medium brown made with medium and dark crystal malts gives this brew a deep amber-brown color and a mild haze. The flavors of malts, hops yeast produce chocolatey caramel notes with traces of raisin, orange and a light nutty finish leaving a creamy finish. 

This Brew is finished with, Organic Mexico Oaxaca coffee, a mild cold brew coffee sourced locally from Numinous Coffee Roasters right here in Marble Falls—a definite favorite of both light and dark beer enthusiasts.

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Midnight rider porter

7.3% ABV | 35 IBU

Our traditional porter, using both mild and dark roasted grain flavors of chocolate and toffee, produce a mild toasty brew. A beautiful rich dark brown color and dark beige head give a heavy bodied appearance. This brew should produce a soft & velvety mouth feel, medium carbonation and a creamy finish.

Named after our brewer’s dog, Paul Revere, you’ll be chanting “one if by land and two if by sea” after a few of these patriotic brews.


Guest Brews

bishop canned ciders

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pineapple paradise

5.0% ABV

"Tropical Pineapple"

- Semi-Sweet -
Juicy & tropical made with pineapple

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8.5% ABV

"Pre-Pear for Flavor"

- Semi-Sweet -
Bright & pear-fect made with pear and apple

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6.0% ABV

"Berry Brawl"

- Semi-Sweet -
Tart & balanced made with cranberries and blackberries

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op imperial

9.0% ABV

"Overpowered Apple Cider"

- Semi-Sweet -
Sweet, dry & bright made with apple


Wine List


Ancient Peaks Cabernet

Airfield Red Blend

Alberti Malbec

Lan Rioja Tempranillo

Chasing Lions Pinot Noir


Bonny Doone Blanc

Bonny Doone Rose

Mount Fishtail Sauvignon Blanc

Ancient Peaks Chardonnay

Italio Cescon Pinot Grigio

Bubbles on Tap: Piu Fizz Bianco